Stable & Club

Stallion Race
All active Horses are kept in the Stable, up to 6.
Tap on the Stable (or Horse) to view the Horses state. You can Feed, Massage, Bath and others to make your Horses comfortable.
Stallion Race
I. Create or Join a Club
Click on “Club” on the main page to open the Club page. If you have not joined any Clubs, you can either join one or create one.
To create a Club, click on “Create a Club” to open the panel and follow the instruction to create a Club, it will cost 200 Gold Credit.
If you want to join a Club, you can select one of the clubs from the list, click “Apply” to submit your application.
You will become a Club member if your application is approved by the Club. You can only send 5 Club applications at the same time.

II. Club Functions
Invite Members: Invite players to your Club.
Club Presidency Transfer: Transfer the Club Presidency to another Club member.
Quit Club: Quit the current Club. (President can only quit the Club after Presidency has been transferred to another member)
Dissolve Club: Dissolve the current Club. (Club can only be dissolved when the President is the only Club member) All the information about the Club will be deleted if it is dissolved, creating a Club with the same name won’t make you recover the dissolved Club.
Club members: View and manage Club members.
Donation: After a Donation, players will receive personal Contribution and the Club will receive wealth.
Redemption Center: Use your personal Donations to redeem rewards.
There are 4 kinds of Scientific Research: Enhance Research, Inlay Research, Breeding Research, and Ascension Research. Club members can spend USD or Gold Credits on Scientific Researches and receive personal Contribution.
There are 3 grades of Club Scientific Research: Normal Research, Advanced Research , Super Research.
Club members with higher VIP level can do more Scientific Researches plus the 3 chances available to every member daily.
The Success rate of Enhance, Inlay, Breed, and Upgrade will improve as the level of the Scientific Research increases.
The Club’s Scientific Research level can’t exceed the current Club level.

III. Club Upgrade
The Club will automatically upgrade when its wealth reaches the required amount.
As the Club level increases, it will be able to hold more members, more rewards will be available in Redemption Center and the max Scientific Research level will increase.

The max Club level is 10.