What kind of game is this?
Stallion Race is a thrilling horse racing game that integrates training, strategy and competition. You will find world legendary horses, classic races and much more in the game. Stallion Race is not only a race of speed and power, but also a contest of wisdom and wealth. You will start as an ordinary owner, work hard and find your way in the Racing City to become one of the owners with most renown in the world. Racing to the Top - The high-definition 3D graphics will immerse you in the competition. Create strategies based on the horses, tracks and jockeys. Mini games - A lot of different quizzes and mini games are waiting for you! You will have the chance to win bonuses every 5 minutes. Players will be able to experience thrilling horse races anytime, anywhere. Train Horses - Understand your horses needs and train them to improve your power as an owner. Train your horses to join the competitions and meet the most interesting challenges. In Stallion Race, you will become a horse racing tycoon and experience the real passion of equestrian competition.
How to get resources?
Advertising gives Banknotes. You can get Ore in Mine to Enhance and Inlay EQPT. Explore Relic to get lots of resources. You can get different items through Casino, Holiday and Race. Improve Horses and Jockeys power to win the race!
What are the privileges of VIP?
Activate VIP to gain more attempts of Dine, Exploration, Treatment, AD, Mining and Holiday. Tips: Reach the designated VIP level to receive a great VIP Gift. Improve VIP level to get better VIP Gifts.
VIP 5 can skip the Race.
What are the privileges of Noble Card?
Activate Noble Card to claim daily rewards.
Login to claim extra daily rewards. Expired rewards cannot be claimed.
If you purchase multiple Noble Cards, the validity period will be automatically extended. Please note that the Noble Card will not be automatically renewed.
Nobles can skip the Race.
How can I get the Noble icon?
Tap the Horse sculpture in front of the Horse Race to activate Noble.
Can I buy discounted Gold Credit outside the game?
You can't buy Gold Credit outside the game. The in-game shop is the only way to buy Gold Credit. All purchases are processed by Apple or Google which are safe and secure.
There may be some websites that say free Gold Credit, don't believe them, they are all unofficial and unauthorized. Please do not disclose your personal data details (such as Game Center or Google Play credentials)!
Purchasing Gold Credit from unofficial sources or refunding valid purchases is fraudulent and will result in the account being permanently banned.
Sharing your login information, such as Google Play or Game Center account information, is a violation of our terms of service.
If you see someone distributing suspicious websites, or promoting free or discounted Gold Credit, please report it to us.
Stage is too difficult!
Don't be afraid, as long as you are fully prepared, you can easily defeat them. Most importantly, remember to always pay attention to the Jockey's State and improve the basic Stats. Follow the tips below to win a good start:
1. Choose the right Jockey and Horse.
2. Train the Horse, improve Jockey's basic Stats. Keep them in their best mental state.
3. Tactics and strategies. For example choosing appropriate Jockey Skills and rationally distributing Energy.
4. Provide Jockeys with stronger EQPT to improve Jockeys power.
Good luck!
How to improve Horse power?
Tap Stats, Track, Star or Handbook in Training to improve Horse power.
EQPT can improve Horse power too.
Castration when the Horse is a stallion can also slightly improve the power.
Stats Training - Through a variety of targeted training, greatly improve the Horse's Speed, Stamina, Agility and Spurt.
Tips: It is better to train with a Trainer, because the Trainer can reduce the cost of Medals and Banknotes.
Track Upgrade - The Track Adaptability is divided into D, C, B, A, S, SS and SSS, a total of 7 levels. Horses will perform better on a Track with high Adaptability.
Horse Star - Improve Horse Star to increase the upper limit of Stats.
Notice: Improve Horse Star can only increase the upper limit of power.
Handbook - Systhesize Horse with Gene Fragments to activate Handbook to provide Stats bonuses for all Horses.
Tips: Collect more Horses to activate more bonuses. Upgrade Handbook to gain more bonuses.
Please note that when the Horse's State, Hunger, Clean and Health are not good, it will also affect the state of the horse in the race. Pay attention to the state of the horse at all times!
What should I do if Capacity is insufficient?
You can retire the idle Horses. You will get retirement return and it will relive Capacity insufficiency.
Gene Transfer is another solution. The corresponding Horse will then be removed.
Please note that you cannot retire any Horses if you only have one mare left.
How does Gene Transfer work?
Gene Transfer can transfer a Horse's stats to another one, which is an economical way to train a new Horse.
Tip: To maintain the best stats after the transfer, make sure the donator Horse has greater stats than the receptor.
Please note that the original Horse will be removed after the transfer.
How to breed a high quality pony?
The quality and the stats of the parent Horse, affect the quality and the potential of their offspring. At the same time, a Horse Card can grants stats boost.
Tip: An Angel Card can greatly boost the breeding success rate!
Please note that breeding requires a mare and a stallion. When you don't have a stallion, you can pick one at the Stallion Market. The higher the owner's level, the higher the stallion quality and stats.
How to deal with the stats decrease of the aged Horses?
You can Rejuvenate the aged Horses and recover the previous stats
How to improve a Jockey?
Fnd Restaurant, Honor Club, Gym and Equestrian in Jockey Club to improve your Jockeys.
Jockey EQPT can improve Jockey power.
Tip: Jockey and EQPT with higher quality will grant better effect.
Restaurant—You can restore Jockey Energy after dinning. High quality food can boost Jockey stats.
Honor Club—Honor enhancement can improve the Jockey basic stats permanently .
Gym—Working out at Gym can improve Jockey stats.
Equestrian—Equip Equestrian Talent to improve Jockey stats.
Tip: A Jockey can only equip one Equestrian Talent of the same type. Improve Jockey quality to equip more types.
What is Jockey Skill?
Jockey Skill can improve your performance or nerf opponents during a match.
How can a Jockey learn the skills?
A Jockey can learn up to 4 skills at the same time by using Skill Book.
Tip: You can obtain Skill Books via Explore.
How to upgrade skills?
For an acquired skill, use multiple Skill Book of the same type to upgrade it. The success rate is 100%.
What can I do if I don't need a skill anymore?
You can use Gold Credit to forget a skill and then learn another skill.
How to use a Jockey Skill?
You can select skills in pre-match phase. The selected skills will be casted automatically during the match.
Tip: It takes certain Strategy Points for each select skill. You can not select more skills if there are insufficient Strategy Points.
Note: Attack Skill requires the most Strategy Points, and then Assist Skill and Defense Skill. Choose Skills wisely according to the opponent's.
How to increase Strategy Points limit?
You apply the Equestrian Strategy Master to increase the limit.
How to form a Club?
You could form a Club at any time if the existing Clubs are not attractive to you.
Before you click the “Club” building to form a Club, please make sure currently you are not in any Club. Click “Form a Club” to start! Please note that 200 Golden Coupons will be cost to form a Club, be thoughtful before you make the decision. After you form a Club, you will have the authority to edit its announcement. Please note that the announcement must follow Chat rules and terms of service.
Please note that if you leave the Club as the only member of it, the Club will be permanently disbanded and will no longer be accessible.
How many roles in a Club?
There are 4 roles in a Club:
Vice Chairman
Each Club has only one Chairman. You will automatically become the Chairman in the Club formed by you. Chairman could promote Vice Chairman as the new Chairman. In this context, the former Chairman will be demoted as Vice Chairman.
Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Officer enjoy similar privileges; they could accept, remove, promote, or demote members. But only Chairman and Vice Chairman could edit the Club announcement.
Please note that Vice Chairman or Officer could neither promote Members as Chairman nor demote the current Chairman. If the Chairman has been inactive for a long time, the best solution is to form a new Club and invite active players to the Club.
Inappropriate behavior found in my Club!
For this reason, we're sorry that we could not interfere in a Club's internal affairs in any form. We're sorry that in any form we could not interfere in a Club's internal affairs, including leadership or role changing, spamming, or common inappropriate behaviors.
Certain responsibilities will be given to the promoted members. If they are not ready to take the responsibilities or do not treat the role seriously, it will bring negative effect to your Club. We strongly suggest you promote the members you trust.
Chairman has the privilege to remove most of the members, Officer could only remove Member. Privileges may get abused or lead to spamming, Chairman could decide who should own the privileges.
Please be deliberate about the promotion of members!
Certain responsibilities will be given to the promoted members. If they are not ready to take the responsibilities or do not treat the role seriously, it will bring negative effect to your Club. We strongly suggest you promote the members you trust.
Removing a member with no reason is inappropriate, but it doesn't violate the rules. For this reason, we're sorry that we could not interfere in a Club's internal affairs in any form.
How to recruit members to my Club?
If you have formed a Club, chat channel will be the best place for you to recruit members.
Open the Club panel, send your recruitment throughout the server by clicking Club>Invite Members!
Please keep in mind the rules and regulations of chat, never frequently advertise your recruitment in any chat channel.
What is Scramble?
Players could participate in the competition through the “Scramble” icon at the upper of the main page.
All Club members could participate in Scramble.
Scramble is time limited and only be accessible during the event time.
Sites offering points are distributed on the map of Scramble, racetrack and the length are various among sites.
Players could choose any site to sign up for the competition after entering Scramble.
Players will recieve individual points, Club wealth, and Donation according to their ranking in the competition.
The cooldown between two competitions lasts 3 minutes. Golden Coupon could be used to speed up the cooldown.
In Scramble, the sum of the Club members' individual points represents the total points their Club earned.
Clubs will be ranked based on the points earned. Rewards will be sent according to the final ranking as the competition ends.
What game modes are in Stallion Race?
There are many game modes in the game, such as World Championship, Ascension, Arena, League, Challenge Legend, Competition, Contest and Scramble!
World Champions - Race in the worldwide and get Fame, equipment and items!
Ascension - A point system that rate the horses' class. This game mode is open all day and only horses in the same class will be matched. Top 3 horses that won the game will gain points, and bottom 3 will lose points. You should also select the right track, length and duration wisely in an Ascension.
Tip: The rewards content will also based on the class and it enable Advertising, and most of the Contest would require certain class as well
Private Cup - It is a placement game mode that holds daily, no registration or class required. Players can enter the Private Cup 10 times per day for free.
Please note, you can only challenge player with a higher ranking (except for Rank 1). Win against your opponent will gain their rank, and you will remain in the same rank is you lose.
League - The highest quality league in Racing City, Owners who passed the Qualification can participate. Points are calculated base on the ranking in every round. Demotion and promotion will base on the final results when all rounds are completed for the week.
Tip: As the season concluded, players will receive rewards based on the final placement, points from the race will also be converted into rewards!
Challenge Legend - Challenge the legendary horses 3 time a day for free, and every country can be challenged once. You can use Gold Credit to reset after the free chances are finished.
Tip: Challenge Legend can get Gene Fragments, which is the way to activate the Handbook.
Competition - Competition will be held weekly without class requirements. The registration closes on 8 p.m. Tuesday! The Competition starts with 32 players with single elimination every day after. Bets will be available to all players with before each match. Winning the bet can earn massive amount of USD, Pearls and Diamonds.
Contest - The game holds daily at certain time with a class requirement. An Entry Ticket will be consumed to participate all Contests.
Scramble - A mode for Clubs, only players who are in the club will be available.