Train, Race & Breed

Stallion Race is a thrilling horse racing game that integrates training, strategy and competition. You will find a world of legendary horses, classic races and thrilling horse racing competitions at your fingertips. Stallion Race is not only a race of speed and power but also a contest of wisdom and wealth. Adapt your horse racing strategies and immerse yourself as a breeder, horse trainer, race manager, jockey and more!
Stallion Race
Train Your Horse
Understand your horses’ needs and train them to improve your power as an owner. Train your horses to join the competitions and meet the most intense challenges. In Stallion Race, you will become a horse racing tycoon and experience the real passion of equestrian competition.
There are six exercises of stat training. And each exercise can only be trained to one Horse. The Stats corresponding to each exercise:
Swim improves Speed and Stamina.
Climb improves Agility and Spurt.
Short-distance exercise improves Speed and Spurt.
Mid-distance exercise improves Stamina and Spurt.
Treadmill improves Speed and Agility.
Long-distance exercise improves Stamina and Agility.

Train Your Jockeys
The Jockey drives the Horse. Although the focus of races is the Horse, only highly skilled Jockeys can fully utilize the Horse’s abilities. Jockeys have 5 qualities: Normal, Excellent, Rare, Incredible and Legendary. High-quality Jockeys have higher abilities. The Jockeys’ qualities are final and cannot be improved in any way.
The initial basic stats of a Jockey are determined by the quality of the Jockey. High-quality Jockeys have higher initial basic stats. How to improve Control, Starter, Follow or Rear:
Go to the Gym to exercise to improve basic stats.
Extra stats bonus from EQPT.
Receive Talents in the Equestrian School.
Equip Talents to gain extra stats bonus.

Create strategies based on the horses, tracks and jockeys. The world of Stallion Race has a variety of race types to participate in. If you want to be the TOP, you cannot miss the Private Cup!
Stallion Race
Various kinds of Races will be held in Racing City to attract Horse Owners to participate. Current Race Types: Ascension, Private Cup, League, Challenge Legend, Championship, Contest.
Stallion Race
1. The Rivalry Race is designed to evaluate the Class of the Horses. You can participate in Rivalry 5 times for free each day, and it is available all day. 
2. Horses can only participate in Rivalry matches within their own Class. The points of the top 3 Horses of the race will increase, while the points of the last 3 Horses of the race will decrease.
3. You can participate in Rivalry by choosing the apt Track, length, and time by yourself.

Private Cup:
1. You can participate in the Private Cup anytime.
2. The Private Cup does not require registration and has no Class restriction for Horses. You can participate 10 times a day for free.
3. The cooldown between challenges lasts 10 minutes. The cooldown will be removed when VIP is activated.
4. You can challenge N players that precede you. You will replace your opponent’s position if you win; your position will not change if you fail.

The League is the highest standard race in Racing City. Horse Owners who had passed the qualifying race can register for the League.
Register time: Sat 00:00 to Sun 24:00. The race will start on Monday, a total of 15 Rounds will be held within 5 days a week, with 3 rounds per day.
Points are calculated based on the rankings in every round. Demotion and promotion will depend on the final results when all rounds are completed for the week.
Earning a place in the League will allow a free Holiday daily to gain, lots of USD and items.

Legendary Challenge
Challenge Legendary Horses from all around the world 3 times a day for free, a Horse of each country can only be challenged once. Use Gold Credit to reset the challenge attempts if you run out of free attempts.
Gene Fragments and Gene Maps can only be obtained in Legendary Challenge.
Gene Fragment: Gene Fragment contains Bloodline of the Horses in Legendary Challenge. Collect enough Gene Fragments to synthesize the corresponding Horse.
Gene Map: Gene Maps record the Horse Bloodline information and can’t be used to synthesize a Horse, but can be used to complete the Handbook.

1. Championship will be held on a weekly basis with no limit of Horse Class. 
2. All players of the server can register for the Championship from Mon 00:00 to Tue 20:00.
3. Track, length, and time of the race will be randomly selected. The schedule and process of the race will be handled automatically by the system.
4. Championship is a knockout race. The top 32 players will be determined automatically according to their power as the sign up ends. After that, a knockout round will be held daily.
5. Players can wager on the race results before it starts. Winners of the wager will receive lots of USD, Pearls and Diamonds as rewards.
6. Rewards will be sent by in-game mail according to the competition results.

1. During certain times every day, Contest will be accessible as long as you have Participation Scrolls.
2. Track type, length, and time of the race are decided by the system, and can’t be manually selected.
3. The Class eligible for the Contest is decided by the system, only Horses that match the required Class can participate.
4. Contest results won’t make any difference to the Class points of Horses. The top 3 winners will receive lots of bonuses and Medals.
Ⅳ. World Championship, Relic Exploration

World Championship
How to enter: Main page >>> Challenge
A great amount of Horse Owner Prestige, Equipment and items can be gained in World Championship. Moreover, World Championship is where the main stories of Stallion Race happen.

The breeding center is a place where horses can breed foals. Collect "Gene Fragments" and "Gene Maps" to increase the chance to breed SSS Quality Horses. If you don't have a suitable horse, you can buy a high-quality horse in the market.
Stallion Race
The Breeding Center is a place where Horses are bred. Breeding is one of the main ways to acquire a new Horse.
If you have a Stallion and a Mare, you can use your own Horses for breeding. If you don’t have a Stallion, you can choose a Stallion in the Stallion Market.
Before breeding, you must ensure that there is at least one empty stall in the Stable. After a successful breeding, the newly born foal will use this stall.
Breeding may succeed or fail. Using high-quality Horses to breed, has a general low success rate, but the chances of breeding a high-quality foal will be higher.
After a successful breeding, it will take a while for a pregnant Mare to give birth to a foal.
During pregnancy, the Mare is unable to train or race. Therefore, remember to arrange your schedule before breeding to avoid delaying important races.
There are 3 types of breeding items:
Angel Card: Improve the Breeding success rate.
Breeding Card: Makes the Mare give birth immediately.
Horse Card: When used in breeding, it will add extra stats to the newborn foals (basic stats/stats limit, Track Adaptability, growth type, etc.).